96Slots changed to Maxim88

96Slots changed to Maxim88


Maxim88Casino is a casino gambling platform which offers the best experience possible, a vibrant, colourful and enjoyable Interface for its players. Since Maxim88 is a host of the casino, you will have a wonderful range of different games covering various topics and categories to find something for every last player of Maxim88. Exclusive games and applications for all mobile devices have great rewards. Maxim88Casino has over 20 methods available when you want to deposit. This website has a powerful support team in four languages that are dedicated to your needs.


Would Maxim88 say that you can believe a new online casino? Maxim88 Casino is nothing like online casinos you see every day on the Internet. It’s very exciting, something very special. Much of it does indeed exist. Maxim88 Casino is an oversaturated iGaming industry breath of fresh air. From the Web design, everything has a nostalgic feeling that has childish innocence to the sweet Otherworld characters.

 We have been operating with the name of 96slots for the past couple of years, but now we have rebranded our site to Maxim88.

One of Malaysia’s best online casinos designed to give Malaysians a safe place to bet online. Maxim88 has been accredited by PAGCOR and is confident and reliable. The platform has a large user base throughout the world, with average spins of ten thousand a day due to its constant appeal, trend gaming community and user promotion. It includes innumerable slot machines with low risk and high return games and is considered the home of slot machines, all hosted by other sibling sites such as 918Kiss, Spade Gaming and Micro Gaming.


The fun never stops at Maxim88, and even the jackpot is constantly gaining momentum with shocking speed and jumping up from second to second, everyone is guaranteed to profit from this, and so we are proud to be Malaysian ‘s ultimate slot-machine paradise. Don’t hesitate, take the opportunity to claim your prize today.

Maxim88 is Asia’s largest online wagering brand, and Asia’s most successful sports word, casino, lottery and gaming brand provides its customer service. We are not new in the market; we have been operating in the market for a long time, it’s just that we have rebranded our site to Maxim88 and have updated ourselves so that we can match with the latest technology and games. 


When you earn through Help2Pay, Local Bank Transfer and many more, we provide an excellent option for clients to deposit and withdraw. We got it all, start with great games.

With our wide range of products and service, we offer members the highest quality. Our member service support team is available for troubleshooting and help 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

The strictest and confidential treatment and storage of all personal information will be made.

Look no more than 96Slots, slot machines—one of Malaysia’s best online casinos designed to provide Malaysians with a safe place to bet online. As accredited by PAGCOR, 96Slots is trustworthy and reliable. And It has been branded to Maxim88 now.

The website features a huge player base throughout the nation, averaging tens of thousands of spins per day thanks to its endless attraction and the highly trendy gaming community.

This is a home to slots all accessed by other siblings like 918Kiss, SpadeGaming, and MicroGaming and is readily available, all within one click, and contains countless different slot machines with low-risk, low-return games. Either you win big or take on a fun adventure game; you don’t need queues, don’t have entry fees, just get to become a regular member or a VIP to access exclusive offers as a priority.


We are also hosting competitive leagues and holiday season events for more passionate players. As soon as you sign up on the website, claim your bonuses and earn a welcome bonus for up to 300MYR. We get monthly rewards, celebration incentives, upgraded promotions and much more. EEZIEPAY, a long-term partner with some of Malaysia ‘s best casinos, hosts transactions on-site. Transactions are easy and quick, with no complications or additional charges for the players to deposit and withdraw at will.


At maxim88, the endless fun never stops, and the jackpot is steadily rising at an alarming rate. Everyone is guaranteed to make a profit, and we are therefore proud to be the final slot machine paradise in Malaysia. So do not hesitate, take the opportunity to claim your prize now.